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One hundred years have passed since Prince Borghese and colleagues began their great motor challenge from Peking to Paris. That was the golden age of motoring, since then the car has lost much of its appeal. The excitement of the twenty first century will be finding safer, healthier and more efficient mobility. With this in mind we asked:

Will anyone agree to travel without automobile, in the summer of 2007, from Beijing to Paris?

Sixteen participants from six countries took up the challenge. Their chosen modes include combinations of boats, trains, touring bikes, standard recumbents, two home built recumbents, and a penny farthing.

We have returned home now, after several months of adventure. Eleven riders made it all the way from Beijing to Paris. We accumulated more than 140,000km between us, most of it on bikes.

The team leaving Beijing Olly, Ting in Kyrgyzstan Arnold and Marieke under Le Tour Eiffel