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One hundred years on, the world is changing...

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Carfree Lijiang, China
Dali, China
Carfree market, Buenos Aires

Though the globaly car use is still increasing, many individuals, organisations and sometimes whole cities have taken positive steps to reverse the trend. In doing so they are improving mobility and quality of life, whilst tackling the world's biggest environmental problems.

On 22 September 2007 more than 1500 cities in 40 countries recognised world carfree day, running public events to discourge driving, or closing some roads for street festivals.

In Europe, almost every capital city is openly talking about reducing car use permanently. They are opting for a range of measures to make driving more difficult, and alternatives more attractive.

In Asia the mayor of Seoul demonstrated bold new vision. He removed the useless six lane cheonggyecheon expressway, and returned the original river, plus a park and bus rapid transit corridor.

In Latin America the charge has been lead by the inspirational mayors of Charitiba and Bogata, who continue to spread their ideas about the world.

The automobile may have seemed like a good idea in 1907, but the challenges transport for the twenty first century are going to be met by a shift to safer, healthier and more efficient mobility.