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Olly Ting and Aaron in Paris Joff in China Arnold and Marieke FHL -1 Ting in Tibet


11/10/2007 Greenway team reach Paris. 124 days! Travelling by bike, train and boat via China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Scandinavia. Europe.

10/10/2007 Olly and Ting reach Paris. Exactly four months (123 days), 12600km, all on their home made recumbents.

22/9/2007 Aaron Huang reaches Paris. Travelling by bike, train and boat via China, Mongolia, Russia, Scandinavia, Europe.

14/9/2007 Arnold and Marieke Reach Paris! 13692km, after five and a half months, all the way on their beautiful touring bikes.

14/9/2007 Heather Burge returns to Australia for the Birth of her first grandchild! Congratulations to Heather, for the new family member, and for reaching Istanbul. Heather hopes to complete the expedition at a later date.

16/7/2007 Arnold and Marieke are in Kazakhstan, Meng and Heather in Kyrgystan, Olly and Ting waiting near Kyrgystan border, Aaron in Russia (wherabouts unknown), Frank and Su Chun both nearing Kazakhstan border via Urimuchi, Greenway team assumed still in Gansu, and Daniel (Paris to Peking) is in Iran. All going well!

22/6/2007 Olly, Ting, Frank, Su-Chun have done 1200km in 12 days but are holed up near Yinchuan waiting out the rain. Aaron is somewhere in Mongolia.

10/6/2007 Olly, Ting, The greenway team, Candice, Aaron and Frank, Su Chun, Liao Hung all left Beijing.

11/5/2007 Joff's Penny Farthing visits Tienmen square. See Joff's Blog for pictures.

10/5/2007 Daniel departed from Paris (Daniel is riding B2P backwards) We hope to see him in central Asia somewhere soon!.

10/4/2007: Meng, Ulla and Heather leave Beijing.

3/4/2007: Arnold and Marieke depart Beijing, the expedition begins!

November 2006: Newsletter 2

October 2006: R&D update. Basic design complete, visit the bike building page for more details.

August 2006: Ting began cycling Yunnan-Tibet road as part of the Kingdom of bicycles expedition.

June 2006: R&D update. Upgraded computer and CAD software so can begin the detailed design work now. Have also begun trials of front cowlings on my weekly Norton-summit ride.

May 2006: Arnold and Marieke cycled through Laos and Vietnam

April 2006: Ting wins the womans category in the OZHPV challenge on her SWB recumbent.

January 2006: Newsletter 1