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這是一場自行計畫的探險活動:沒有支援車、沒有報名費、沒有獎金。 騎行者必須自行計畫旅程。單騎,或者與其他車友一起騎,一切隨意。跨歐亞最短的路線大約1萬3千公里。旅程結束後,我們希望能夠收集錄影資料,並剪輯成影片。

Arnold and Marieke (NZ) Retired mechanical engineer and registered nurse. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1971 from Holland. In each of the last 9 years they cycle somewhere in the world for 3-4 months, have already crossed USA, around Australia, etc. They are looking forward doing this great challenge. Start 4 April

Olly and Ting (NZ) - Chief Disorganisers, plotted this scheme since 2004. They built their own bikes, sewed their own panniers and some of their clothing. They rode all the way, 12600km in 123 days, 10 June to 10 October.

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Joff Summerfield (UK) started in May as part of his Penny farthing world tour having completed his European, New Zealand and Australian sections.

Frank (Australia) is a 40 year old PE teacher and bike enthusiast from Clarence Town, NSW. He has done many tours on his trusty mountain bike but nothing of this scale. His life has become too comfortable and he needs a good adventure. Start 10 June.

Liao Hung Lin (Taipei) is a university student and avid rock climber. He has no previous experience at cycle touring, but he sees Paris as an achievable goal. Start 10 June.

Chou, Tso-han /Brendon (Taipei) Is a university student, and loves to ride. He started last because he stayed back to help the others with visas.

Yu Su-Chun (Taipei), has been a cycling enthusiast and social worker for the last five years. At the start of 2007 she was on a bike trip around the North Island and South Island of New Zealand. Starting 10 June.

Hang long Pu and (Kao Hsiung), Total (Yi-Lan), and Huang Xin Zhang joined together to form the Greenway team, promoting cycling and cycle paths. Hang Long Pu and Total are graduates of the Nature Resource Management Institue in National Don Hwa University, whilst Huang Xin Zhang is an electrical enginneer. All starting 10 June.

Aaron Huang (Taiwan) is a Air Force mechanic, retiring this May. He is tired of working in a same position for 15 years and decided to change. He always dream to travel around the world. He quit his job set his heart on pursuing his dream.

Daniel (Germany) is studying physics at the University of Karlsruhe. He is an environmentalist, velosopher and sustainability advocate. He has been riding MTB since as long as he can remember and a recumbents since mid 2006. Just to be different, Daniel is starting from Paris and finishing in Beijing!

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Heather (Australia), is a 59 yr old secondary maths teacher living in the hills outside Melbourne. She loves her job but it's stopping her from doing too many things, so she's planning to retire with an earth shattering kaboom rather than a whimper. With her other half John, she's toured in Tassmania, WA, Victoria, and a couple of months in Cuba. Start 10 April

Meng (Malaysia) is a retired mechanical engineer. He started cycle touring six years ago. Most recently he cycled through the UK, France, Belgian, Holland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Start 10 April